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Get lucky with KBC Lucky Winner 2020 – Everyone needs to be the following KBC lucky winner in 2020. While this is incredible, it is additionally helpful to abstain from getting misled all the while. KBC has improved the lives of numerous individuals and has given all that you have to assist you with turning into a KBC lucky draw winner this season. You can likewise check the KBC Winners List 2020 in this kbc official site. For more data about how to check kbc lucky winner list please contact kbc head office 0019188444478.

To get lucky with KBC, you should have an enrolled sim card, which you revive regularly. This is on the grounds that KBC is associated with all the sim card suppliers in the nation. Next, you should keep awake to date with respect to all KBC exercises.

Participate freely

KBC has given its authority helpline numbers to you to associate with whenever you need help. So we comprehend that a few people may have issues in taking an interest in the opposition. By the by, our site, combined with our head office numbers, causes us to go to every one of your grievances.

Sudha Murthy KBC Lucky Winner

Check Your KBC Lottery Status Online

KBC Lucky Winner 2020 List

  • Mr. Rahul Kumar Sharma Winning Amount 25 Lakhs Winning Date 26 May 2020.
  • Mr. Rajesh Kumar Winning Amount 25 Lakhs Winning Date 26 May 2020.
  • Ms. Gauni Devi Winning Amount 25 Lakhs Winning Date 26 May 2020.
  • Mr. Vinod Kumar Singh Winning Amount 25 Lakhs Winning Date 26 May 2020.
  • Mr. Ram Pandey Winning Amount 25 Lakhs Winning Date 26 May 2020.
  • Ms. Sudha Murty Winning Amount 25 Lakhs Winning Date 26 May 2020.

For more data about kbc winners list 2020 or about jio winners list 2020 kindly don’t be falter and call kbc head office number 0019188444478. Since this head office number is formally enlisted with kbc ( kaun banega crorepati ).

KBC Lucky Winner 2020 Ms. Sudha Murty

For more data about KBC Lucky Winner 2020 please contact KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) 0019188444454. Correspondingly we will likewise refresh Jio Lottery Winners 2020 List here. So Keep associated with KBC official site for the most recent KBC Jio lottery winners list refreshes. KBC Lottery Registration Office Number 0019188444474.

How to Become KBC Lucky Winner 2020

You can win as much as 25 Lakh or more as a KBC lucky winner 2020. Here is how to go about it:

  • Get a valid sim card and top it up daily. This would help you take part in the KBC lucky draw. Next, you would have two chances every month to win the lottery
  • Stay up to date with us because we would be giving regular updates that might help you as a participant
  • If you do not have a lottery number, contact our head office, and we would provide you with one.
  • If you are a KBC lucky winner 2020, we will give you a winner number, which you can use to access your prize.
  • We include winner lists on our website regularly, and they come in this format, Name/amount won/date of win/phone number. This serves two purposes, first to assure you that we are real. Secondly, to confirm the winners.

Keep safe from KBC fake callers

In the event that you get any call or warning that says you are a winner, you ought to affirm either our head office. There are fraudsters wherever who are attempting to destroy the Kaun Banega Crorepati appear. These numbers arrive in an alternate structure, and a large number of them are of Pakistani birthplace. Nonetheless, in the event that you adhere to our organization rules, you would not fall into the snare.

Try not to examine with any +923 or 00923 number that needs to converse with you about KBC. Try not to store any cash that you are advised to do. Hang up the call promptly you presume any treachery. Try not to give out any data mystery or open that could be utilized against you.

Contact us now!

KBC is here to serve you in each limit. A large number of Indians are thankful for the chance to be kbc lucky draw winner of the lottery each season. You should simply to maintain a strategic distance from counterfeit guests and get in touch with us for any issues you have. Remember that you don’t lose anything by reviving your sim cards since calls are moderately modest. Try not to pass up on your opportunities of being a KBC lucky winner 2020. Partake in the lucky draw now!

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